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"No doubt, you have noticed how some companies sell cheap protein and it's made you wonder how they
do it, because the long established, reputable protein supplements are never sold at those prices..."

Consumer ALERT
Cheap Protein; The dirty little secret they don't want told.

Headline NEWS:

54,000 children ill from powdered protein... Dairy recalls of 22 suppliers... Thousands of U.S. dogs and cats sickened and killed... Exports of medicine, candy, snack and food ingredients linked to sickness and death in humans and animals in North and South America... Contaminated U.S. name brand infant formulas...

What if you were to learn that a specific ingredient in the products indicted above was deliberately spiked to make them register a higher, false protein score and that it was the sole source of the contamination? Well, that is precisely the truth of the matter. Here's "the rest of the story" (with a tip of the hat to Paul Harvey).

A little INSIGHT:

The "Keidel Method" is a standard, straightforward protein analysis testing procedure. Basically, nitrogen is measured and you then mathematically calculate a protein score based on the nitrogen level.

The tragic news headlines have arose from corrupt Chinese food suppliers who exploit an unethical method of fooling the Keidel Method to make ingredients appear "protein packed" by soaking them in Melamine resin. See, Melamine contains six nitrogen molecules and is 66% nitrogen by weight. Thus, it's a "cheap protein" spike for pulling off adulteration scams by the criminal minded.

More Food Contamination coming, Expert Warns

The recent tainted foods that sickened and killed thousands of people and animals is not isolated, according to Dr. Gary Weaver, Director of Agriculture and Animal Health Policy for the University of Maryland.

"Uncontrolled distribution of low-quality, import food ingredients is a great threat to U.S. public health. Billions of dollars' worth of foreign ingredients that Americans eat in everything from salad dressing to ice cream get a pass from overwhelmed inspectors, despite a rising tide of these imports from countries with spotty food safety records", he says.

Weaver damningly asserts some contamination is by design and not attributable to substandard standards that can result in toxic ingredients ending up in food products.

"Unscrupulous people know that adding the industrial chemical, melamine, to food products and ingredients can make that food product and ingredient test as having a higher protein content", says Weaver.

Dr. Weaver and other experts warn of many other potential food ingredient melamine tampering targets, including whey protein and soy protein concentrates and isolates.

Recent food contamination scares are viewed by many as a major downside to a global economy. With the U.S. importing so many food ingredients from the global marketplace, it is having a negative impact since safety standards are often much lower than Americans are accustomed to.

At issue is that the food ingredients are virtually untraceable once things go amiss in the U.S. marketplace. This makes for an attractive environment for unscrupulous vendors who seek to cut corners and fatten their bottom line.

Fundamental changes are needed in the screening and testing of imported foods and ingredients, at minimum, Dr. Weaver maintains.

So, what is MELAMINE good for?

Melamine is a versatile compound with positive uses, but none involve foods, period. It's a component in artificial colorants in inks and plastics. It is used to make fertilizer. It's a scrap chemical byproduct, a metabolite of the pesticide cyromazine. It is used to manufacture floor tiles, kitchenware and fire retardant fabrics.

Obviously, it goes without saying you don't want to be ingesting this stuff or feeding it to your family, friends and cherished pets!

Protein Supplements SPIKED:

According to industry watchdogs, in addition to a number of short cuts, some cheap protein supplements on the market contain melamine and/or other non-nutritional alkaloids with a high nitrogen content to "trick" conventional protein testing. (see sidebar story >>)

Are YOU using a MELAMINE FREE Protein Supplement?

No doubt, you have noticed how some companies sell "cheap protein" at cut-rate prices that seem just too good to be true... It's made you wonder how they do it, surely, because the long established and reputable protein supplements are never sold at those prices.

So, what's the scoop? More directly, what's in the scoop? If you've wondered how those cheap protein supplements can be sold for such a low price and maintain any degree of real quality then you are thinking right - right on the money.

Coach wrote it on the chalkboard; "junk in = junk out", and like most everything else, it's something that Coach was right about.

Here's the dirty little secret they don't want told; Did you know that many of the most highly advertised protein supplements are made in China, or contain Chinese ingredients and are repackaged here? Wonder no more. Cat's outta the bag, cheap protein guys.

That's why you'll never see MASS PRO offered at wally world or listed in the cheap protein supplement sale at "".

Since 1993, we've offered only the most pure protein supplement. The MASS PRO tradition is firmly established, and unyielding. We know you want top-shelf quality you can trust and the REAL RESULTS you deserve. Now, while it is true that our direct-to-you pricing in and of itself makes MASS PRO a premium value, the fact of the matter is- We don't sell "cheap protein". Never have. Never will.

melamine free protein supplement

For starters, Papa didn't raise US that way, and secondly, what would Coach say?

In a world where "everything is outsourced to China", MASS PRO is MADE IN THE U.S.A. with great pride and craftsmanship to stringent GMP Pharmaceutical Grade purity and potency standards, not the common, essentially untested "food grade".

Coach would be proud, and Papa... Well, Papa is going strong. Fit, active and strong as an Ox.

MASS PRO has always been certified free of microbiological bacteria contaminates like Yeast, Mold, Coliform, E. Coli and Salmonella. Did you also know MASS PRO is certified 100% free of heavy metals, aspartame, steroids, derivatives and precursors like andro?

Today, even though the risk is all but non-existent with MASS PRO, you can add Melamine to the list.

We have Bioceutical R&D screen MASS PRO for Melamine using the inventive BOM cluster analysis. It's your iron-clad assurance that every container is Certified 100% Melamine Free Protein.

See, we use MASS PRO ourselves. So do our friends and family - our very own kids at home. When we speak of quality you can trust and REAL RESULTS, it isn't lip service. It's a matter of genuine care and concern.

We can't speak for the cheap protein supplement guys, however... for once, it seems their lips are sealed shut.

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"I believe that you can, by taking some simple and inexpensive measures, lead a longer life and extend your
well-being. My most important recommendation is that you take vitamins every day in optimum amounts to supplement
the vitamins that you receive in your foods"
-Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Laureate

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