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Special Report #1


By Rob Regish


I have been waiting to write this story for over a decade.

In 1994 I had a positive experience with a now long gone supplement
called Zebutol. Anyone who used real $79 a bottle Zebutol will tell you
it led to significant muscle gain. With 10mg of ecdysterone per tab,
it launched a keen interest on my part into non-androgenic anabolics.

Trouble was, the real Zebutol found inside those distinctive silver label
bottles disappeared from the market a few years later and has not been
seen since (fakes bearing the name still exist, buyer beware).

Anyway, during that time I began a personal quest to understand the
active ingredient; ecdysterone. Talk about an interesting journey!

My research unearthed the fact that over 400 different ecdysterones
existed, derived from various plant species. Yes, 400. One stood out
above and beyond all others, though; Rhaponticum Carthamoides from
Russia. Rhaponticum Carthamoides was the stuff of legend.

Unfortunately, this legendary Russian non-hormonal anabolic was
not available anywhere in the US at the time. I looked everywhere.
After asking a couple of well connected supplement formulators,
I was told it simply was not economically feasible to import.

Back then (and now) some US companies sold generic "Ecdysterone"
capsules. These were all derived from inferior sources like the
Cyantis Vaga plant. The result; they didn't (and don't) work so well.

I wasn't satisfied, though, because I knew one of those supplement
formulators shared my keen interest in non-androgenic anabolics. If
anyone had the connections to get their hands on the real deal,
real Rhaponticum Carthamoides, it might be him. He also had the
ability to potentially bring it to the US market as a viable consumer
item. I reminded him frequently over time to keep searching, and that
the quest was more than worth the effort and expense.

Well, guess what? Following years of extensive sourcing research and
then painstaking certification, I am happy to finally tell you that a
100% legitimate and affordable Rhaponticum Carthamoides supplement
is now readily available in the US! It's name; KRE-ANABOLYN.

Real Zebutol was one thing back-in-the-day, but today's Kre-Anabolyn
is all the more remarkable, as you'll soon see.


Kre-Anabolyn in whole is a clever complex of four compounds; Patented
Kre-Alkalyn Creatine, Rhaponticum Carthamoides full spectrum extract,
Red Velvet Bean extract and 4-hydroxy-L-isoleucine.

Of most interest to me, obviously, Kre-Anabolyn packs a hefty dose of
ultra pure Rhaponticum Carthamoides. This rare, very potent extract
has numerous studies on humans (including elite athletes) demonstrating
a fantastic range of anabolic, anti-catabolic, anti-oxidant and immune
enhancing effects. Most notably, it increases protein synthesis significantly
and boosts red-blood cell count. Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract does
this without activating androgen receptors, as anabolic/androgenic steroids
do. It actually skips DNA transcription (cell nucleus messaging) and goes
direct to the ribosome to accelerate muscle protein synthesis.

The implication for athletes is truly profound, and it is most valuable
information for those seeking a safe, legal edge in competition.

It's a scientific fact, Rhaponticum Carthamoides does not bind to androgen
receptors. This is especially good news, because by working through an
alternate mechanism we avoid the unwanted side effects of steroids while
reaping many of the positive benefits. No hormonal shutdown, no acne,
no bloating and no organ stress. The active Rhaponticum Carthamoides
complex is referred to as "levseins" in Soviet research. This levseins complex
holds a very unique and precise ratio of 10 specific ecdysterones, including
large amounts of Turkesterone, 20-Hydroxyecdysterone, Cyasterone, etc.

The mode of action appears to be the unique ecdysteroid group itself, or
a metabolite, that binds to the Interleukin-3 receptor and activates the
Akt-PKB pathway. Alternatively, it may transgress the muscle cell membrane
and directly potentiate the pathway. The Akt-PKB pathway causes a
cascading effect in mammals that leads to a number of insulin and IGF-1
responses including protein synthesis, glucose uptake, preadipose cell
differentiation and gene expression. This would explain the great range of
beneficial effects seen in Rhaponticum Carthamoides human studies. For me
it opened my eyes to the realization that muscle growth can truly be
accelerated by means other than androgen receptor binding.

Moving on, an especially insightful inclusion to the Kre-Anabolyn formula
is 4-Hydroxy-L-Isoleucine. It is important to note that this nutrient shows
significant synergy with both the Kre-Alkalyn Creatine present in the
formulation and also carbohydrate intake with meals as it relates to
increased deposition of both in muscle tissue. This little known glucose
disposal agent has a very pronounced effect. Combined with high glucose
levels and the cellular energy substrates in Kre-Anabolyn, it ramjets the
muscle cell with nutrients. 4-Hydroxy-L-Isoleucine doesn't just amplify
creatine's "cell volumizing" effect, either. Rather than allowing the muscle
to just hold more water, it leverages your most powerful muscle building
hormone, insulin. Smart athletes will use this knowledge to their advantage
by including a Kre-Anabolyn cap with their post-workout protein shake.

The inclusion of natural L-dopa in Kre-Anabolyn warrants special attention,
also. Derived from the Red Velvet Bean (no synthetic drugs are found in
this product), L-Dopa is a nutrient which causes a flood of positive fitness,
health promoting and anti-aging effects due to its ability to increase natural
human growth hormone. In 2002, a U.S. Patent was filed on the use of Red
Velvet Bean to stimulate the release of human growth hormone. Research
cited that the L-dopa precursor is converted to dopamine and stimulates
release of growth hormone via the pituitary. By naturally coaxing the body
to make more of it's own biologically perfect HGH, we avoid the side effects
(and huge expense) of synthetic alternatives.

In all, Kre-Anabolyn is the first multi-action, safe anabolic that amplifies both
your DNA blueprint and messenger RNA to assemble new structural proteins.

It further strongly enhances carbohydrate and creatine uptake/utilization and
gives a big HGH kick (real red velvet L-dopa is quite an elite compound, itself).

All combined, the positive surge can be stunning to first time users.

STILL, I HAVE TO SEE THE PROOF! (Diagnostic testing)

Ever wonder if your supplements are working? I sure do. When you plunk
down your hard-earned money you should get results. In order to fully and
objectively evaluate Kre-Anabolyn, I turned to scientific measurement in
the form of Multistix. These are diagnostic testing strips that show you the
levels of protein excreted in urine. With these in hand, I set out to see if
Kre-Anabolyn really does increase the retention of muscle building protein.


A little insight; I am on the "Anabolic Diet" which calls for low carb meals
during the week and high carb weekends. My test meals during the week
consisted of 638 calories, 23 grams of protein and 60 grams essential fatty
acids. I consumed this same mix for both the "control" meals without
Kre-Anabolyn as well as all "test" meals with one Kre-Anabolyn capsule.

The results? Test meals taken with the addition of a Kre-Anabolyn capsule
consistently showed virtually perfect protein retention (near zero excretion)
for a full 2.5 hours post feeding. In fact, the Multistix testing proved that only
trace amounts of protein were excreted with the use of Kre-Anabolyn!

As a long time weight trainer, I know the big difference improved protein
retention can make. Hardcore athlete or not, read the above paragraph
again and consider the positive implications of effecting near perfect protein
retention inside your body. Think about it.

The results without Kre-Anabolyn? Not so good. A 3x higher, continuous
excretion of protein was seen from the onset with the exact same meals
consumed. The only difference was the missing Kre-Anabolyn capsule.


Kre-Anabolyn improves the body's ability to retain and utilize nitrogen from
protein rich foods, conclusively. Every single repeat test yielded the exact
same result; the body hangs onto much more muscle building protein when
Kre-Anabolyn with Rhaponticum Carthamoides is used verses when it's not.


A single Kre-Anabolyn taken with high protein meals and post-workout protein
shakes significantly enhances positive nitrogen retention.

Combined with proper diet and exercise, Kre-Anabolyn can dramatically improve
your fitness. Endurance increases are very pronounced and 'clean' feeling.
With a gainers diet, full, yet lean and dense muscle gain is vastly enhanced.

Further, the host of health enhancement benefits is quite noteworthy all on
their own and deserve a separate, detailed article. (and here it is, Ed.)

Personally, I highly recommend Kre-Anabolyn to those seeking a safe, legal,
healthy competitive edge and maximum rewards for their training efforts.


My friend John Drake of Muscle And Sports Science is the formulator I spoke
of earlier who played such a huge role in bringing Kre-Anabolyn together.

Now, he is making a personal guarantee that Kre-Anabolyn will work for you,
exactly as I discovered.

John's bold guarantee goes like this; after ordering Kre-Anabolyn online, grab
a pack of Multistix strips at your local pharmacy that day and with a set diet
plan in place start performing the straightforward test as I did, outlined above.

In a few days your Kre-Anabolyn will arrive. Begin taking it before meals. If
you don't see markedly improved protein retention with the addition of a single
Kre-Anabolyn capsule verses the same meals the week before without it, then
he insists you return the remaining Kre-Anabolyn caps along with your Multistix
sales receipt for a prompt refund in full, on both!

That's a bold statement of scientifically guaranteed proof of effectiveness.

Truly, it goes above and beyond anything I've ever seen offered by any
sports supplement before. Little wonder, perhaps, because I firmly believe
that holds true for Kre-Anabolyn in every measureable way.

*You'll find more detailed research information on Rhaponticum Carthamoides
along with exclusive Kre-Anabolyn product access, below-

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