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At Muscle And Sports Science®, we've never paid or solicited any Customer, Athlete, Personal Trainer or Medical Professional you've seen giving us testimonial praise.

Lately, besides intelligence insulting "Remunerated Endorsements" from the steroid enhanced, we've seen some sports supplements sites using bribes like "Send us a testimonial about 'supplement XYZ' & get a free t-shirt!"... Who do they think they are kidding? And further, knowing such tactics are used to garner their questionable-at-best testimonials, how can you trust anything else they have to say?

We'd love to give you a FREE MUSCLE MASS T-Shirt - just not as a bribe for positive bodybuilding supplement reviews about our goods. Our testimonials are 100% GENUINE and TRUE. Unpaid. Unsolicited. Period.

By the way, click here if you'd like to find out how to get one of our shirts for yourself. Ironically, the signature line reads; What the others don't want you to know... same as always, since 1993.

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bronze organic review

"I can vouch for its effectiveness. Check out my before/after photos here for the difference in color*."  -Thicketman, unsolicited online review.

*Click the photo to see the stunning difference in detail of before and after BRONZE ORGANIC...

Physique Transformation included use of 'MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN', also from

"Your new Kre-Anabolyn is a great product! I like it very much and I'm looking forward to
trying Alpha EFX and Thiomax, too."
 -James Henke, Jefferson City, MO

"Throughout high-school and college I used MASS PRO Whey Protein and loved it! A couple years ago
I moved to California and wasn't working out for a while. I recently joined a gym with my wife and
started working out again. I've been using Muscle Milk protein powder. I just want to tell you that
I will be switching back to MASS PRO
for my next order. It always worked great for me
and I can't wait for this stuff I have now to run out!"
 -Dustin Pezall, Sacramento, CA

"I have no hesitancy recommending the MASS nutrition line professionally, especially since I design sports and bodybuilding supplements programs. The entire line can be summed up in three words- SIMPLY THE BEST."  -Dr. Mel McDonald, BioLogical Concepts

"Burn it Up rocks! It is the cleanest "high" I've gotten from any pre-workout supplement. It's a steady alertness, and the great thing is there is no crash at the end. It's like it just wakes up the senses
without the hyperactivity of other formulas out there

Growing up in a fitness family (father was a college athlete and current football coach), I was taught
to be very picky with what I put into my body. Your company is the best, by far, I have come across.
I try to tell as many people about you as I can (esp being military, my young airmen are always
falling to the hype of other places and I firmly send them your way). Thank you for supplying us
with quality, no fluff products!"
  -DJ Thomas, Minot, ND, Minot AFB

"I think you might have a new lifetime Synthagen customer... I haven't felt this good in a long time! My energy is through the roof even though I'm in contest prep diet mode. I wish I would have tried it sooner -- I was just skeptical due to the price tag. I just ordered two more bottles!"  -Sheldon Kessel, Chicago, IL

"Hello there. I recently bought and started taking the new Kre-Anabolyn.
WOW, just started feeling the strength. Good stuff!"
 -Joseph Kyksa, Canada

"It sure is comforting to know that I can rely on you. I deadlifted 600 pounds at 160 pounds bodyweight, age 41. I could not have done it without your help."

-Dave Nicastro, Mullica Hill, NJ, World Natural Powerlifting Federation Champion

"Enclosed is a money order for two bottles of Bronze Organic 'Canthaxanthin Supreme'. I have ordered this from you for two years now and have been incredibly satisfied with your company and your product. I look forward to doing business with you for years to come."  -Lori Wright, Dexter, MO

"I voted MASS Kre-Anabolyn because that is what I'm using now. I have given more ECDY products a
try than I can remember. The product from MASS is doing me well
 -Scooter (Ecdy poll/discussion)

"Your BURN IT UP! is, I think, the closest anyone is going to find to a legal energy supplement.
The results are superb. I have never lifted so much for so many reps. It's going to be shared around the rugby team before we play Saturdays!"
 -Paul Hart, Hampshire, England

:: MASS PRO ::

"Thanks for awesome products!
I have been extremely happy using MASS PRO for several years. I've had great results..."

-Elizabeth Nelson, Durham, NC

"Thanks for the quick shipping. Your Mass Pro protein is the best I've come across, and I've tried many."

-J. Munden, Lenexa, KS

"I've tried them all (Designer Whey, Isopure, Sportpharma, VP2) and MASS PRO is by far the best. It assimilates better than all the others and doesn't leave you feeling bloated. I recommend it to every one of my clients."

-Anthony S. DiCostanzo, C.P.T.

"Your products are by far the best I have ever used. I have tried several other brands, but with little or no gains. In five weeks, I have put on seven pounds of muscle."

 -Anthony Hilderbrand, Santa Clara, CA

"You guys make my bodybuilding and powerlifting fun and exciting. Thanks for all the good, honest advice you've provided over the years and for exposing the frauds and misrepresentations out there."  -Jeff Reed, Bedford, VA

"Just received my order when I returned from work.
  -Harry Werbe, Carmel, IN

"Unlike all the other creatine supplements I've tried,
Kre-Alkalyn gives me the maximum amount of benefit in strength and endurance without any stomach upset or bloating. In about 9 years of dealing with MASS I haven't been steered wrong yet!"
 -Gavin Chachere, New Orleans, LA

"Just have to tell you that 'the (Probiotic) Pearls rule' in my book. It's been a few years of searching for a safe solution, but this is the easy and effective."  -M. Huiting

"I have been real happy with the products (Kre-Anabolyn/MASS PRO combo). I have shot up
from 180 to 200 pounds in less than 2 months
 -Mark Lytle, Athens, GA

"Hey, John- Hate to think where I'd be without my MASS
supplements to success!
Thanks for everything."
  -Rob Van Dam

"I love this stuff! Before, I was often too sore from wrestling to workout.
Now, I'm always ready to go heavy. Adaptogen N has helped me reach
record gains on both the squat and bench press!
  -Rob Van Dam

"I have begun taking two Pearls each day and I can finally see (feel) a major difference in my digestive health. ...2 doctors and a few meds, and no relief until I started using your Pearls, so I'm happy! I'll be sure to let my doctors know! THANK YOU!!!!!"  Robin K., Tucson, AZ

"Thanks for the prompt service. Your products are great and I will continue to purchase my supplements with MASS - Muscle And Sports Science." -John R. MacDonald, Randolph MA

"Since I started taking Multi-Life, my coworkers have complimented my healthy glow and better attitude. I handle stress much better and I'm happy all the time. I haven't felt this good since I was in my twenties. Thank you Multi-Life!"  -K. M., Texas

"You don't often find a supplement that lives up to expectations, but Mass Pro certainly does. It mixes easily, digests easily, and is a great value compared to other products. After using Mass Pro for 2 months, I've increased my strength and overcome a bad illness that kept me out of the gym. Mass Pro is a high quality product with a great price. Thank you!"   -John Regish, Agawam, MA

"WOW! Yours is the first yohimbe I've actually felt something from. And boy do I feel it,
a rush in 20 minutes!"
 -Nick Tsironis, Hilton Head, SC

"I have been using your MASS PRO, creatine and Adaptogen N for the last year and a half. I don't use anything that doesn't give me results. I can't afford to lose the money on a supplement that doesn't work. Honestly, I don't know who can. MASS PRO is the most cost effective whey protein I have found. Calorically, I can use it in my pre-competition diet due to the low carbs/low fat. It mixes extremely easily in water or milk; my favorite way to use the MASS PRO, however, is by adding two scoops to my oatmeal in the morning. In that manner, I am able to rapidly get a high quality protein in my system immediately upon waking. I credit MASS PRO with a seven pound gain I made in six weeks between competitions. Your supplements will remain in my regimen as a matter of necessity!"

-Melissa Marino, NPC Coastal USA Bodybuilding Champ, NPC SE Champ, NPC Jr. USA Top Five

"This is a testimonial. First, the Gamma GH is great. I always get good sleep now and feel refreshed the next morning. Your Adaptogen N is positively the best testosterone supplement I have found, too. It's the closest thing to the 'real deal'. But, what will always keep me coming back is your customer service and ultra-fast shipping, which is unmatched."  -Justin Munden, Lenexa, KS

"The Alkaplex is working great, better than prescriptions from the doctor." -Maria Fiore, Cape Coral, FL

"I am a Personal Fitness Trainer who's clients only purchase nutritional supplements I recommend after I have tried them myself and proven they are a must have investment. They can see the physiological changes in my body. Your company has rightfully earned a client for life and I look forward to a long and loyal business relationship. Thank You Kindly.  -Robert Blomberg

"I am ordering the Colostrum, multiple bottles. I've had great results using it in the past
at about 3 grams a day (three pills through out the day). Thanks!"
 -Jason Grenier


"Whether training for a marathon, weightlifting or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I want to say that
I am extremely pleased with Adaptogen N. Not only does it help with my recovery and libido, but it helps me get a good nights sleep. Somehow, it also curbs my late night appetite which stops those binging episodes I was prone to."

-Frank Parillo, Tampa, FL

"Your product Adaptogen N is terrific! Best feeling I've had in 36 years of training without sticking a needle in my butt! Really full, pumped. My muscles seem "fuller" if that makes sense. I take 3 caps before bed and the feeling I get after waking up is great!"

-Harry Werbe, Carmel, IN

"Bravo Zulu to the scientists who created Adaptogen N. In less than one month of training while supplementing this product my leg presses have increased from 600 pounds for reps to 900 pounds for reps. I am 41 years old and have 20 years of lifting experience. The most impressive aspect is that now I do not get sore from my workouts!"

-Rick Caldwell, Cordova, TN

"I have always taken a good multi-vitamin. Once I began taking Multi-Life, I noticed a big change in my energy level and I feel more like myself again. I'm thrilled to find a multi-vitamin that helps me in so many different ways."  -L. S., Florida

"I have been a faithful customer for about three years now
and there is no one else out there that can assist me with
products and questions like MASS. I can't say
enough good things
... Keep up the good work!"

 -Joseph Kyksa, Ontario, Canada

"Got my order today. Received very quickly even though it was coming all the way to Australia. Thank you! I would like to make more orders from you."

-Mark Taylor, Sydney, Australia

"Adaptogen N has worked wonders for me! Matter of fact, if I could only use one supplement I would pick it without hesitation. Much more effective than Tribestan, which I was using before."

-Bernie Jelinek, Erie, PA

"Check your 5lb jug of whey. It's a safe bet there are no di or tri peptides in it, nor is it cold processed to preserve other important whey fractions. MASS doesn't brag on MASS PRO enough and truthfully, the entire product line is laced with quality like this... The di-tri peptides found in the formula offer a significant advantage over whatever cheap protein you may consume outside of the workout. Research proven to stimulate more muscle growth..."

-Rob Regish, bodybuilding forum post

"Muscle And Sports Science has helped me be victorious in my battles with fatigue syndrome and world-class arm wrestling champions. Currently, I am 20 years of age and feel worlds away from my previous condition. I've recovered confidence, stamina and motivation and very much appreciate MASS products and the people producing them. I started out with no intentions of bodybuilding, but for natural alternatives to help me with my health condition. A friend offered me 'Vanilla Mass Pro' and I told him I wanted to check with my doctor. The doc took a look at the ingredients and said, "this is what you need, it's good". I got his approval to buy more from, natural products without harmful chemicals. Subsequently, I bought a few things, liked them and over time tried more. Starting out, I felt like hitting the weights again within weeks. I signed up to the gym with plans of sweating off fatigue and in time reached the next level of bodybuilding without planning on it. This stuff is the REAL DEAL. MASS supplements are not just great for bodybuilding, but for a persons over-all well being. The company is staffed with nice people who conduct business professionally, ethically and with great standards. Their behavior inspires customer loyalty and I highly recommend to anyone who wants to hit the level where the doors of all possibilities open. These products not only help the physical body but the mind and heart as well."

-Gabriel Yak, Multi-time Arm Wrestling Champion

"This is an endorsement. I am 76, and a competitive handball player for over 50 of those years. I began using MASS PRO after reading clinical studies cited in Science News showing significant benefits for seniors using whey in arresting muscle loss from aging. I have been using MASS PRO since, for over 5 years (check your records of my orders), and have maintained my muscle strength and size ever since.

I had been a candidate for full hip replacement for over 10 years due to wear and tear and multiple injuries on the handball courts and finally had the surgery June 11, 2009. My doctor and physical therapists have been astonished at how fast I mended. Way ahead of where expected on all fronts. I graduated from walker to cane in two weeks, and from cane to fully flexible and mobile in 7 weeks. My surgical incision healed very quickly. I think my good physical condition and muscle strength going into surgery with contributions from MASS PRO provided these results. Thanks for your great product."
  -Joel Barries

"Enclosed is my order. I would also like to compliment you on your prices! You offer the best prices on every item you carry. I have checked many companies and found yours the best. I am also impressed that you do not carry any 'Cybergenics miracle crap' that doesn't work. Once again, thanks, and keep up the good work. As a fitness trainer, I will come to you to get the effective supplements for any of my clients who are serious about bodybuilding, including myself who is training drug-free for a natural contest. Yours in bodybuilding!"  -Brian Voncannon, C.P.T., Midland, NC

"I have noticed that when I take DHEA I experience a lot of great things. I feel more
confident, stronger, healthier, more alive and I sleep better
. I could go on and on.
It also seems to help me with my allergy's, and I have a big problem with that. I have very
low energy when my allergy's hit me, but when I take DHEA my allergy's seem to
take a backseat. I love your products!"
 -Brian Smith, Carrollton, GA

"Thanks for your advice and support. I can truly say your company is by far the best that I've ever delt with. Your prices continue to be unbeatable and I continue to challenge my lifting partners. Once again, THANKS."

-Staff Sergeant Walter Gary, Ft. Lee, VA

"I'm starting my 4th bottle of Adaptogen N. What a great product!"  -Anthony Miller, Orlando, FL

"I'm writing to say THANKS to John, personally. Please convey my gratitude to him and for showing a keen interest helping me with my order. I received it this morning. I have also placed a new order for Adaptogen and thought it would be good to get some extra. I hope to promote some of your products here as I have friends who are into bodybuilding and would love your supplements!
So once again, thanks and best wishes!!"
 -Akshay Shah, Melbourne, Australia

"My order arrived today. Thank you for your help. I will be recommending your products to my friends and clients as I have been burned ordering online too many times and it is refreshing to deal with people who honor their word. Warm regards from your now loyal customer."  -Dean McGeoch

I am delighted! Thanks for the T-shirt. I wore it to the gym today and including the fact that I am in very good shape I got some looks and a couple of guys asked about MASS. I've got a feeling your site will be getting some traffic from my area. Thank you!"  -Joseph Almeida, Santa Clarita, CA

"For the first time ever, we've not had one cold or flu in our entire family for over a year... This is a miracle. We will never stop taking Multi-Life."  -Mary, Florida

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